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I tremble softly,
my voice has fled me,
my courage hath died,
and my heart still vaguely beats.
But I cannot hear it
over the deafening roar of
I am blinded
Someone has turned out the lights.
Or have I passed on
I can't remember anything
but the cool fingers that gripped me
before pulled me under
The whispers of my time coming
I recall them now as I drown
in this sea of Darkness.
It seeps into my skin, my bones,
my heart, my soul.
It drags me, clutching at everything I am
or who I once was.
I cannot fight it,
I cannot try
This doubt, this fear,
I can't pull away as it creeps into my mind.
Memories I once had were stolen from me
Eaten my demons,
my thoughts were all but a feast
and what replaced them was insanity.
I whimper in the dark
as I lose who I am
and become who I'm not
I want to fight,
but who am I try win
a battle already lost?
I see the red eyes approach
but something
grabs my hand
And I can feel again.
For my 100 Theme Challenge, I present to you..."Dark" Enjoy!
Constructive Feedback and comments are appreciated!

Copyright of ~00SIMPLESOUL00 :icon00simplesoul00:
can totally relate to this feeling sometimes, nice job!
00SIMPLESOUL00 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you very much!! Feedback apprectiated! ^^
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